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4 Light Canopy Electric Brooder
Product #:  1104-CANOPY
List Price:  $193.00
4 Light Canopy Electric Brooder
The 1104-CANOPY 4 Light Canopy Electric Brooder will heat a larger area of the brooder room.

The canopy brooder is equipped with a wafer thermostat which automatically controls two of the four lamps. This thermostat can be adjusted to automatically turn off two of the four lamps after brooder house has reached a desired temperature. This not only eliminates unnecessary use of the four lamps, but also prolongs the longevity of the unit as well as the bulbs. The lamps will again be activated when the temperature drops below the desired setting. Maximum utilization of electrical energy is thus accomplished in a moderately priced unit. The KUHL 4 Light Canopy Electric Brooder is ideal for backyard to commercial operations.

No.1104-CANOPY 4 Light Electric Brooder - less lamps.
Includes 6 ft. suspension chain. Packed 1. Shipping Weight 20 lbs.
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