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Game Transport Coop
Product Number: GAME-COOP-3
Game Transport Coop
This Coop is made is low light shines through and keeps your birds calm. This New Coop has two spring loaded doors on each end to made loading and unloading birds quick and easy. Holds 10-12 pheasants
Shorti Pin Blue
Product Number: SHORTI-B
Shorti Pin Blue
New Nylon Pin for Kuhls popular Peeper line. This pin is tighter on the Peeper so there is less movement of the peeper on the bird. Packed 1000 per bag.
Small Platform stand black ring for P-23
Product Number: S-STAND
Small Platform stand black ring for P-23
Game Bird Coop -NEW
Product Number: GAME-COOP-2G
Game Bird Coop -NEW
The COOP-2G is our new, compact, and lightweight crate we have added to our transport coops line. Made with a durable plastic and is perfect for transporting 5-6 gamebirds. Shipped knocked down to cut down on freight cost but is made to be easily snapped together. This coop also comes with three doors, which are also easy to put on. One top spring loaded door and two fast fill doors on both ends. The fast fill doors on the ends snap closed to keep the birds safe during transit. Also built to stack with other Game-Coop-2Gs.

No.GAME-COOP-2G GAMEBIRD COOP. Packed 1. Actual Wt. 6 lbs.
(4 products found)
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