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Fiberglass Egg Washer 2000 Watt 110 Volt
Product Number: KF-200
Fiberglass Egg Washer 2000 Watt 110 Volt
The KUHL KF-400 Egg Washer has been completely redesigned to give the maximum washing efficiency to the small scale egg producer. The fiberglass tank has a tremendous advantage in the area of cleanliness. All four corners have been rounded, as well as, a tapered bottom to provide easy cleaning and also provide ample drainage.
A specially designed motor has been mounted directly to the top of the machine. From the motor, an extended shaft connects the motor to the circulator halfway down the washer. This strategic positioning provides maximum cleaning capacity due to even distribution of water on the plastic egg tray rack. This new method of cleaning eliminates the bearing unit, which has been very troublesome in various other models.
Fiberglass Egg Washer 4000 Watt 200 Volt
Product Number: KF-400
Fiberglass Egg Washer 4000 Watt 200 Volt
(2 products found)
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