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Handle for use w/ LR5A Rack
Product Number: TC-5
Handle for use w/ LR5A Rack
Plastic Coated Tray Rack
Product Number: LR5A
Plastic Coated Tray Rack
Ideal for the collection and washing process, this rack is compatible with our 30-Egg Trays, as well as our 20-Egg tray. Models include the WAS-30, STK-30, XLT-30, and the TEG-20 Turkey and Duck Egg Tray. The KUHL LR5A Rack is sold separate from the KUHL TC-5 Handle. Easy To Carry!!


NOTE: If used with the KF-200/400, top two trays must be empty.
Plastic Coated Egg Basket - REDUCED PRICE
Product Number: 511-B
Plastic Coated Egg Basket
15-Dozen Egg Case
Product Number: EGG-15
15-Dozen Egg Case
30-Dozen Egg Case
Product Number: EGG-30
30-Dozen Egg Case
Plastic Coated Egg Basket Cone
Product Number: 508
Plastic Coated Egg Basket Cone
Plastic Coated Egg Basket Grid
Product Number: 532
Plastic Coated Egg Basket Grid
NEW!! A few of our customers reported to us that when they submerge the 511-B basket into a tub washer that sometimes their eggs would move and possible float out of the basket. We made the 532 Basket Grid to be place on top of the eggs while they would be washed to keep them in the basket. By placing the Grid on the basket, loss of eggs will decrease.
(7 products found)
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